4th International Symposium on Regional Anesthesia, Pain and Perioperative Medicine

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NYSORA 3rd International Symposium on RAPM, Dubai March 23-26, 2017: A Super Successful Educational Program

Seven years after the hugely successful NYSORA 2010 International Symposium in Dubai, NYSORA’s educational Marines returned to the splendid, thriving city of Dubai.

Encouragement for NYSORA’s 3rd International Symposium in Dubai came from the delegates at last year’s NYSORA Symposium and 2nd Middle East program in Abu Dhabi. Indeed, the success of this year’s program surpassed all our expectations; all didactic sessions, workshop programs, and industry exhibit opportunities were completely full weeks prior to the symposium.
Such a large attendance, the meeting’s truly international presence with over 400 delegates from 36 countries, and the central location of the symposium site at the Crowne Plaza in Central Dubai helped NYSORA’s team accomplish another educational milestone with record attendance. Under the leadership of Dr. Ammar Salti, a number of key opinion leaders, researchers, and top workshop instructors gathered at Crowne Plaza. The scientific level of the symposium could be best described by “What is New by Who’s Who in Anesthesiology.”

Interventional techniques of acute pain management for analgesia after major joint replacement such as shoulder replacement, hip arthroplasty and knee arthroplasty were at the centerpiece of this meeting. In recent years, a multitude of interventional analgesia techniques have been proposed is beneficial in clinical practice. However, the variations, technical minutiae and lack of clinically proven evidence in randomized trials often present difficulties in incorporating these new techniques into standard perioperative protocols. Several sessions at the symposium were specifically designed to provide objective clinically oriented guidance on the differences between femoral block, femoral triangle block, adductor canal block and how to make the most out of each one of these techniques.

The NYSORA signature workshops were in huge demand this year and were all sold out weeks prior to the symposium. The delegates who were able to secure receipt were in for a treat as the instructors at this year’s symposium were some of the most prominent practitioners and educators in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine. All workshops were restricted to five participants to assure sufficient time for scanning, discussion, and interaction with instructors.

Several team members of NYSORA’s new, already famous, Europe Creer Center from ZOL, Genk, Belgium taught NYSORA’s standardized approaches to distal lower and upper extremity techniques which are some of the most commonly used in this NYSORA’s center.

New to this edition of NYSORA’s International Symposium in the Middle East was scientific abstracts competition, led by Prof Nick Knezevic, PhD. The winners of the competition this year were:

1st – Prem Kumar INDIA: Efficacy Of Point Of Care Inferior Vena Cava Ultrasonography Guided Volume Repletion In Preventing Spinal Hypotension In Elective Surgical Patients

2nd- Khaled Abdelmotaleb EGYPT:” Validation of an Arabic Version of the American Pain Society-Patient Outcome Questionnaire and

3rd- Filip Jovanovic SERBIA: Longer Utilization of Non-opioid Treatment Options in Developing Country than in the US Prior to Opioid Prescription for Patients with Non-Cancer Pain.

The lunch time provided an opportunity for the delegates to become acquainted with the latest and the greatest in the industry. The industry booths were brimming with delegates interacting, trying out the new gadgets and gathering information on new ultrasound machine systems, medications and disposable, while sampling some of the best foods of the region.

The 3D Anatomy Journey, proved to be one of the most popular sessions. 150 delegates packed tightly together in the first rows, maxed out to capacity, for the NYSORA’s famous 3-D anatomy educational tool. This is one of the most sought after educational tools in the field which NYSORA routinely utilizes in its Boutique workshops. As the delegates wear 3D glasses, the 3D transmitter communicates with the computer brain and allows delegates to dissect virtual cadavers and viewing from all angles to facilitate understanding of the functional regional anesthesia anatomy.

The faculty and instructors are often so busy presenting and teaching and may not always get to see much of the rest of the program. However, at NYSORA Dubai 2017 the NYSORA leadership organized a think tank workshop for instructors only. During two hours of cutting edge presentations, NYSORA’s faculty instructors interacted with each other and presented the latest ideas, imaging techniques, concepts and projects at their institutions. As a result, everyone returned home with a bag full of ideas, inspiration, and a clear vision for the future of their practice and research. Putting all faculty instructors in one room and allowing them to cut loose with the presentations while moderating the flow of ideas inevitably leads to a unique and enriching experience – one of the perks that NYSORA speakers enjoy.

All in all, NYSORA Dubai International Symposium 2017 yet again raised the bar and established a very strong, valuable educational presence in the region. While many delegates were from throughout the UAE, the symposium has been attended by delegates from 36 countries! Encouraged by this success and the popular demand, NYSORA will continue to offer educational courses in the region with plans to also bring the fabled NYSORA Boutique Workshops to Dubai, starting as soon as November 2017.
NYSORA continues to improve upon all of its educational offerings. As the new edition of the NYSORA’s RAPM (black) book is planned for the release in July 2017, we are restructuring all programs to incorporate the latest standards and look forward to seeing you at one of the NYSORA top educational offerings.

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